A Video Gallery of Innovative Architecture and Inspired Design

Changing Course: The Story of Eastpointe Country Club

Eastpointe CC’s West Course Construction-February 2020

Dupont Country Club’s Practice Facility

The Golf Channel

Golf Channel-Ferry Point

Hunter’s Run Animation – Hole 1

Hunter’s Run Animation – Hole 11

Naples Beach Hotel Construction   April 2016

Award of Excellence for SGD’s Work in the Bronx

Madison Green Promotional Video

Ferry Point Golf Course Site Review

Growing the Game 1

Growing the Game 2

Sanford Golf Sustainability

Kasaido – Hole 11

Juliette Falls – Hole 4

Juliette Falls – Hole 16

Juliette Falls – Hole 15

Wycliffe Golf and Country Club – Hole 3

Wycliffe Golf and Country Club – Hole 17

Wycliffe Golf and Country Club – Hole 18